Woodlands Appreciation Week in Ontario (May 2–9)

Sat May 2 to Sat May 9, 2020, Ontario, ON

The Ontario Woodlot Association is encouraging residents of Ontario to get out and appreciate our woodlands during Ontario Woodlands Appreciation Week. Read more and download the poster at https://www.ontariowoodlot.com/events/eventdetail/328/-/ontario-woodland... .

Woodlot owners make up a tiny percentage of Ontario's population, but their forests provide services to society that undoubtedly would be set at billions of dollars. And yet, unless they see their neighbour cut a tree down, most citizens rarely think about forest stewardship.

And so, the OWA Board has declared May 3rd to 9th, 2020 as Ontario Woodlands Appreciation Week (OWAW) and is challenging landowners and organizations to plan woodlot activities that celebrate good stewardship of this essential natural resource.

Nowadays, a lot of attention is being paid to the importance of creating new forests to mitigate the effects of climate change. While the OWA supports this approach, it also believes that we need to properly manage our existing forests to ensure the long term benefits that they provide to all society. The OWA also recognizes that in the south half of the province, these forests are usually owned by ordinary citizens or families.

We need to spread the word about that tiny percentage of the population that has the job of being stewards of Ontario's non-Crown forests; their fascination with trees and their efforts to “do the right thing”. This initiative is one way we can celebrate private woodlots--those who manage them and the organization that represents them.

Our first partner in this endeavour, Birds Canada (BC), has set up a portal on their website where OWA members can register and report findings of stick and cavity nests. This important data will help BC compile more comprehensive data on various species that inhabit the interior forest. And input from our members will be tabulated separately so the OWA will be credited with their contribution to this citizen science initiative.

One of the primary mandates of the OWA is to promote “healthy, productive woodlots”. With your help, we'll be able to put a face on that message. So, let's make it a happy face with photos of the many ways we celebrate this natural treasure. Whether it's “Sunrise Sunday” or “Fungi Friday”, make up your own special day, document what you did and share it with the rest of us. Who knows how many others you may inspire.

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Pour plus ample information :

Qui contacter : Eleanor Reed, General Manager
Site Web : http://ontariowoodlot.com
Téléphone : 613-713-1525
Courriel : Info (at) ontariowoodlot.com

Additional Contacts & Websites:

President: Paul Robertson, paul (at) treesunlimited.ca


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