Permaculture Design Course – 9 weekends

Sat Sep 8 to Sun Dec 9, 2018, Montréal, QC

What better way to wind down the growing season than to embark on a permaculture design course?

During this 100 hour course students learn to read the landscape, analyse problems, and design ecological solutions for the home, garden, or city.

The Permaculture Design Certificate is a participatory and dynamic learning experience; classes include in-depth permaculture theory, design methodology, exercises, and group projects. They also include a whole lot of deep questioning, laughter, and growth! The curriculum we follow at P3 was developed by the late Bill Mollison in Australia in the 1970’s, and is today regarded as the standard in permaculture education, recognized and respected worldwide.

Teacher: Graham Calder with guest teachers (TBA)

Dates: 9 weekends (16 days) from Sept 8th -Dec 9, 2018 (see below for exact dates)

Location: 4273 Drolet St, Montreal, QC H2W 2L7 - Metro Mont Royal

Cost: $950 + tax
Note: Extra fees apply when registering through Picatic. To avoid these charges, payments can be made via etransfer or cheque. Contact us for details. (Please note that GST+QST must be paid when making a deposit.)

At P3, our facilitators emphasize that permaculture goes beyond gardening and agriculture. With permaculture we can design solutions for: food deserts, the heat-island effect, and mis-managed waste systems. With edible landscaping and ecological architecture, we can increase the efficiency of our homes, our farms, and our communities. The solutions-based vision of permaculture practice is holistic and regenerative.

P3 Permaculture alum have used their PDC to start projects and businesses in permaculture consultation, education, ecological agriculture, regenerative community organizing, urban farming, composting, and much more.

The PDC program helps students to closely observe the natural principles and patterns that drive ecological systems.
Understanding nature and our place within it is the first step towards healing broken systems.

We hope that you can join us!


Part 1: Permaculture Fundamentals
Introduction, Ethics, History & principles
Concepts, Methods & Themes of Design
Pattern Observation

Part 2: Understanding Ecosystems
Climates / Water Systems
Trees and their Energy Transactions
Soil Systems

Part 3: Special Topics
Earthworks and Earth Resources
Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Part 4: Specific Climates
Drylands / Cool Climates / Tropics

Part 5: Global Strategies
Strategies for an Alternative Paradigm /
Final Design Project

September: 8-9; 15-16; 29-30
October: 13-14; 20-21
November: 10-11; 17-18
December: 1; 9th

*This course will be taught in french. However, the teacher and the assistant are bilingual and will gladly translate anything that can not be understood*


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